Vestnik of the Kazan State Agrarian University № 1 (27) 2013


Avkhadiev F.N., Mikhaylova L.V. Investment as a method on agricultural sector regulation in Russia

Bekkalieva N.K. Formation of product marketing strategy in the activity of the industrial and agro-industrial enterprises

Bulguchev M.Kh. Models of small forms of management base directions

Gazetdinov Sh.M. Present state and development of small and medium business in the agrarian sector of Tatarstan

Gaysin R.S., Fayzrakhmanov D.I., Akhmetov R.G. Expansionist policy of demand management as a policy of customer and food producers support in the WTO

Elsukova T.V. Budgeting based on TA accounting (throughput accounting) management

Klychova A.S. Theoretical basis of land and resources management in agricultural organizations40

Safiullin N.Z., Minullina R.I., Ismagilova G.N. Economic value of added of innovative company, its components and growth

Khafizov D.F., Khismatullin M.M., Isaycheva E.S. Issues of institutional reforms in the agrarian sphere

Khafizov D.F., Khismatullin M.M., Isaycheva E.S. Essence and significance of entrepreneurship in institutional reforms

Khusainov I.F. Financial statements formation of small and medium-business

Shelest M.V. The role of small business in agriculture of Volgograd region


Adigamov N.R., Sovenkov V.A. Restoration of worn-out working surfaces of cylinders and plungers of axially plunger hydraulic pumps

Adigamov N.R., Sharifullin S.N., Slavnin S.V. Plazma technology prospects in plunger pair recovery of high pressure fuel pump of automotive diesel engines

Demyanov V.I., Valiev A.R., Zemdikhanov M.M. Analysis of onion motion in the roller area of heap rotor

Ziganshin B.G., Gayaziev I.N., Mustafin A.A., Kashapov I.I., Gaynutdinov R.R. Investigation of an influence of forcing port area on the energetic parameters of double-rotor vacuum pump

Mustafin A.A., Ziganshin B.G. Analysis of twin-vacuum pump experimental results

Khaydarov R.R., Ziganshin B.G. Root crops shredding quality evaluation 


Gibadullin N.F. Foundations of natural park arrangement on Belebeevsk-bugulma hill

Demakhina E.Yu. Peculiarities of corn-flies (Diptera, Chloropidae) settlement on soft spring wheat in Kama agrocenosis of the Republic of Tatarstan

Demakhina E.Yu. Means of control of crop-flies (Diptera, Chloropidae) in Kama agrocenosis of the Republic of Tatarstan

Zakharov A.V., Alekseev I.A. Interconnection of wood-destroying fungi of main tree species on their distance from the water in the coastal zone of Cheboksary reservoir

Isaychev V.A., Andreev N.N., Kaspirovskiy A.V. Growth regulators impact on the content of heavy metals in Zemlyachka variety of spring wheat in the Middle Volga

Kovalenko M.V., Markovskaya G.K. Primary tillage methods impact on soil fermentative activity

Kokonov S.I., Dyukin R.F. Millet forage productivity depending on predecessors and pre-sowing soil treatment in the Middle Urals

Musin Kh.G., Zaripov D.I. Some aspects to the recreational forest assessment

Pakhomova V.M., Buntukova E.K., Daminova A.I. Functional state and productivity of spring wheat under foliar treatment by Manganese, Boron-containing microfertilizer

Talanov I.P., Khusainov R.R. Winter rye yield and grain quality formation, according to the tillage methods and nutrient backgrounds in gray forest soil of the Republic of Tatarstan

Timoshenkova T.A., Samuilova F.D. Influence of photosynthetic surfaces of different plant organs on spring wheat varieties yield in the Orenburg steppes129

Khusainov R.R. Tillage and nutrition backgrounds influence on water and nutrient regime of winter rye

Shakirov R.S., Gilaev I.G. Fertilizers and tillage systems influence on feeding regimeand soil biological activity of spring wheat

Shakirov R.S., Sabirova R.M. Yield productivity of Kazanskaya 560 winter wheat depending on the nutrition and fertilizers background

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