Vestnik of the Kazan State Agrarian University № 2 (36) 2015

Economic sciences

Battalova A.R., Kundakchyan R.M. Problems of food safety of Russia in the globalized economy

Bokova L.M., Bulguchev M. Organization of crafts and hospitality

Dmitrieva O.Yu. Main directions of improving financial literacy in Russia

Klychova G.S., Kozmenkov I.A. Features of other information check in documents, containing audited financial (accounting) reporting of agricultural enterprises

Kostoeva A.A., Barakhoeva M.S. To the issue of cash flow management to make effective administrative decisions

Musaeva G.I., Fayzrakhmanov D.I. Social and economic assessment of employment and unemployment in Kazakhstan

Mukhametgaliev F.N., Khismatullin M.M., Khisamov R.G. Leasing of technique as a tool for development of agricultural production

Safiullin A.R., Safina G.G. Critical appraisal of modern analysis techniques of competitiveness and competitive advantages

Safiullin A.R., Safiullina K.G., Gataullina L.R. Industry profile as the basis of competitive advantages of the territory

Fayzrakhmanov D. I., Mukhametgaliev F. N., Kirillova O. V., Sitdikova L. F. Peculiarities of state support of agrarian sector of economy of Russia and its role in supporting food security in the country

Fakhretdinova E.N., Gilmullina A.M. Components of financial statements and procedure for submission of users: Russian and international aspects

Shakota Yu.N., Keniyz N.V. Development of half-finished production in Russia

Technical sciences

E.Z. Asadullin, F.F. Iblyaminov, T.R. Zakirova Main directions of technical service development in agriculture of Tatarstan

Kislitsyna N.A., Yunusov G.S., Leukhin A.N., Ziganshin B.G. Justification of pulsation device modes for division of liquid food systems

Mudrov A.G. Analysis of lifting mechanism operation of hoisting machnies

Nagarokova D.K., Nesterenko A.A. Use of new technologies in summer sausage production

Ovchinnikov D.A., Ovchinnikov V.A., Chatkin N.M. Disk sowing apparatus for seeding small-seeded crops

Priporov E.V., Kartokhin S.N. The analysis of the factors, influencing on longitudinal stability of tractor

Timolyanov K.A., Savenkov D.N. Justification of hopper’s bottom profile with side outlet, ensuring stable and complete outflow of the grain

Yakhin S.M., Aliakberov I.I., Gurgenidze Z.D., Mustafin A.A. Improving the design of disk unit for grinding sugar beet seeds

Agricultural sciences

Alekperov R.A., Abbasov N.K. Biomorphological, environmental and medical properties of certain members of the genus mentha l. family lamiaceae lindl, distributed in flora of Nakhchivan autonomous republic

Galiev F.F., Ganiev A.M., Shaykhutdinov F.Sh., Sezhanov I.M. Influence of particular agrotechnical methods on productivity and quality of spring wheat seeds in the Volga area of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Glushko S.G., Kurbanov S.G., Prokhorenko N.B. The role of exogenous factors in the forest biota formation

Zubkova L.I., Zvereva E.A., Andrianova E.V. The influence of udder diseases on reproductive qualities of cows

Karimov A.Z., Khismatullin M.M., Safiollin F.N. Aftereffect of varieties and hybrids of spring rape, grown on different backgrounds of mineral nutrition, on spring wheat of Ekada 70 variety

Miftakhov T.F., NureevaT.V., Puryaev A.S. Structure of an artificial pine stands in the fresh suramen of the Kama region of Republic of Tatarstan

Mikhaylova M.Yu., Talanov I.P., Karimova L.Z. Effect of maize hybrids to application of mineral fertilizers doses in the Volga region on the Republic of Tatarstan

Muratov M.R., Gilyazov M. Yu. Correlation of grain and leguminous crops yield from agrochemical soil parameters and weather conditions

Nikiforova I.Yu., Kadyrova F.Z. Selection of sown millet to immunity of melanosis at the Kama zone of the Republic of Tatarstan

Osipov G.E. Susceptibility of varieties and forms of apple trees by scab in the Republic of Tatarstan

Singatullin I.K. Status of fir forests in the Republic of Tatarstan

Suleymanov S.R.,Nizamov R.M. Removal, the utilization of nutrients sunflower depending on the application of biological products

Tikhonova M.A., Gaysin I.A., Yapparov A.K., Sharonova N.L., Ilyasov M.M. Influence of chelated microfertilizers application on productivity of middle-maturing potatoes

Turnin S.L., Karimova L.D., Nizhegorodtseva L.S., Safin R.I. Ecological plasticity of spring barley varieties in the republic of Tatarstan

Yakhyaev A.B. Features of raw wood use of beech forests of Great Caucasus

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