Vestnik of the Kazan State Agrarian University № 2 (40) 2016

Agricultural sciences

Aksenov A.G., Sibirev A.V. Study the dimension-mass characteristics of onion of “Hercules F1” hybrid

Amirov M.F. Effectiveness of mineral fertilizer according to soil moisture for planting of spring durum wheat in the conditions forest-steppe of Middle Volga region

Gareev I.R. Impact of calculated doses of fertilizers on productivity and quality of early-maturing potato of Sprint variety in the forest-steppe of the Middle Volga region

Garifullina L.F., Talanov I.P. Role of pre-sowing seed treatment and fertilizers in increasing the productivity and quality of winter wheat grain on gray forest soil in the Kama region of the Republic of Tatarstan

Kislyakova E.M., Moskvicheva A.B., Lomaeva A.A. Use of organic chrome additives in rations of cows

Mironenko E.V., Shlapakova S.N. Impact of vehicle emissions on the quality of woodyplants seeds and seedlings grown from them

Osipov G.E. Winter hardiness of apple varieties and forms in Tatarstan

Salyakhov A.Sh. Technology of rabbit meat production with the use of "Tseostimul" mineral additives

Tyak G.V., Kurlovich L.E., Tyak A.V. Biological recultivation of degraded peatlands by creating forest berry plants

Fadeeva I.D., Gazizov I.N. Inflence of meteorological factors on the seeding date and winter wheat productivity

Fomin D.V.Sorgo productivity depending on predecessors and fertilizers

Shamanin V.P., Pototskaya I.V., Klevakina M.V. Assessment of the siberian collection of spring wheat on resistance to stem rust in the southern forest-steppe of estern Siberia

Technical sciences

Apazhev A.K., Shekikhachev Yu.A., Fiapshev A.G. Development and study of bioreactorfor application bio-fertilizers and biogas

Gaynutdinov A.D., Yakhin S.M., Aliakberov I.I. Rotational tool to surface soil tillage by elliptical discs

Kiseleva N.G., Ibyatov R.I. Modeling of inventory indices of stands in the environment of office software

Kurdyumov V.I. Zykin E.S., Sharonov I.A., Eroshkin A.V., Dolgov S.A. Quality assessment of soil ridge formation when sowing tilled crops

Mudrov A.G. The new group of spatial stirred machines

Pikmullin G.V., Bulgariev G.G., Yunusov R.G., Shiriyazdanov R.R. The interaction process of blade cog of disk-shaped spring with the soil

Khusainov R.K., Galiev I.G. The results to determine the optimal values of interrepair operating time of tractors in the agricultural production, taking into account its exploitation level

Economic sciences

Karzaeva N.N., Bautin V.M., Palidan Ayli Regulation of auditing standards work in Russia and China

Klychova G.S., Zakirova A.R., Klychova A.S., Gimadiev I.M. Internal audit - effective instumenty of corporate governance system

Fayzrakhmanov D.I., Nazirov A.A., Sabirov A.M., Minnikhanov A.R., Burganov F.G. Issues of the effective forest management and husbandry in the Republic of Tatarstan

Khannanov M.M., Khayaleeva Ch.S. Forms and methods of change in the agricultural reform

Shagivaliev L.R., Fayzrakhmanov D.I. Labour potential of agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan

Yudina E.V., E.A. Latypova Flax- growing – economic growth point of northern Omsk region

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