Vestnik of the Kazan State Agrarian University № 3 (17) 2011


Absalyamov A.S., Astafieva R.F., Safiullin N.C. Quality of economic growth

Andronova E.S., Klychova G.S. Features an inventory of sources financing private higher educational institutions

Galliamova G.I. Blanking processing complex consumer cooperatives as a source of personal income the rural population

Gataullina M.I. The choice of method for calculating the tax burden to increase the investment of theagricultural subject

Danilova O.A., Emelyanov R.A., Mkhitaryan A.G. Quality products in the market economy

Dolgova I.M., Subaeva A.K. Analysis and evaluation of existing forms relationships between suppliers and processors of meat

Zakirova A.R. International Financial Reporting Standards:basic principles and trends

Klychova G.S., Tsyganova, T.B. Methodological aspects evaluation of intellectual property in accordance with IFRS and RAS

Kochetkova A.V. Statewide mortgage lending in the system of innovation support in Russian agroeconomic

Mayorova O.A., Vyachina I.N. Food security countries: the problem of overcoming the crisis

Mironova M.D. Managing the development of water supply systems and sanitation within the Russian Federation

Musina J.W,, Valeeva G.A.Organizational and economic features of the market of fur and development trends at this stage

Prokofieva R.G. The system of cost management to improve the quality of poultry products

Ramazanova I.M. Basic concepts of management value of companies

Semagin I.A. The development tools of monetary regulation in modern conditions

Syusyura D.A. Formation of a consolidated trust economic development programs in rural areas

Fayzrakhmanova G.R. The organization of internal control for innovation activities of an economic entity

Khairullin A.N. Several factors reduce the risk of the negative impact of abnormal conditions in agriculture

Khasanova L.G. The development of investment relations in transforming the economic system

Khafizov D.F., Khismatullin M.M., Isaycheva E.S. Modern trends in the development of forms the economic activity in agriculture

Shaikhutdinov F.F. Economic efficiency of sugar beet production and the prospects for its improvement

Shkolkina N.V. Methodological approaches to identifying and assessing regional differentiation in living standards


Galiev I.G., IskhakovI.R., Shamsutdinov A.R., Mukhametshin A.A., Management operability of equipment from the conditions of agricultural production

Ibyatov R.I., Murtazin T.Sh. The method of calculating the dynamics of dispersed particles in the hydrocyclone cylindric

Kalimullin M.N., Abdrakhmanov R.K., Bagautdinov R.R. Stand for research grinding process stems of plants

Lotfullin R.Sh., Kubarev A.J., Nguayya M.L., Kubarev J.G. New methods processing of partial discharges in cable lines

Pikmullin G.V., Bulgariev G.G., Zemdilkhanov M.Z., Kalimullin M.N.The results of experimental studies on the justification and evaluation parameters of the working bodies of the cultivator

Faskhutdinov H.S., Khismetov N.Z., Zhulenkov V.I. An innovative model calculate the service life of sophisticated machinery


Aitov D.F., Ivanov D.V. Prospects for the use of biodiesel in agriculture of Tatarstan Republic

Apaev N.N., Martynova G.P., Maksimov V.A. Petukhov A.S.The role of technological methods of cultivation of spring wheat in the formation of phytosanitary condition of crops

Vladimirov K.V., Chekmarev P.A., Vladimirov V.P., Productivity and quality varieties of potatoes magician at different doses of fertilizers

Kazantsev V.P., Kuznetsov A.I. The influence of non-root making micronutrients ZHUSS to the formation of nodules and soybean yield

Mukhitov L.A., Panfilov A.L., Samuilov F.D. The study of photosynthesis and productivity of spring wheat cultivars of different ecotypes in the context with the methods of farming and exposure of the slopes in the steppe of Orenburg, Ural area

Nikolaev V.V. Improving the evaluation of breeding in dairy

Nureyeva A.R., Nizhegorodtseva L.Ss, Safin R.I. Plasticity of different varieties spring wheat, depending on the background of power

Parinova T.A. Floristic analysis of the downstream floodplain meadows of the island river North Dvina

Safiollin F.N., Khismatullin M.M. Spring rape - the best culture for repair flooded meadows of Tatarstan

Safiollin F.N., Khismatullin M.M. Effectiveness band seeding perennial grasses and band application of mineral fertilizers to improved the water-meadows of Tatarstan

Khairullin A.I., Kotov S.E. Productivity of sugar beet in biologization beet crop rotation in Tatarstan

Khairullin R.M., Lukyantsev M.A., Urazbakhtina N.A. Some causes of low effective use of endophytic strains of bacillus higher counter-regulatory subtilis as the basis biofungitsids

Shaikhutdinov F.Sh., Serzhanov I.M., Galiakhmetov L.V. Productivity varieties of spring wheat, depending on the background diet and seeding rates in Predkamye area, Republic Tatarstan

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