Vestnik of the Kazan State Agrarian University № 3 (25) 2012


Valeeva G.A., Valeev I.R. Agricultural marketing circumstances in Russia’s WTO entry

Gazetdinov M.Kh., Zakirov R.M. Diversity as forms of industrial organization and rural areas management

Ziyatdinova E.F. Croppage trends in the Russian Federation

Klychova G.S., Zakirova A.R., Klychova A.S. Costing features of fur farming products

Molokin A.N., Romanova T.E., Yakushkin N.M. Problems of Improving the financial restructuring of agribusiness companies in applying the insolvency procedure (Bankruptcy) in Tatarstan

Nasyrov I.N., Nasyrov M.N., Davletova L.R., Fardeeva A.R. Profitability criterion of ecological business

Sitdikova L.F. Problems of modern concepts of fair value

Faizrakhmanov M.D. Innovative entrepreneurship evolution in institutional economics

Faizrakhmanov М.D., Badikova I.V. Optimization of innovations introduction process in agriculture

Faizrakhmanov D.I., Valiev A.R., Nezhmetdinova F.T., Nizamov R.M., Khamidullin N.N. Agrotechnopark as an innovative factor for increasing the agriculture’s competitiveness in WTO entry

Faskhutdinova M.S. Necessity and summary of management accounting as a tool for effective management in agricultural companies


Abdrakhmanov R.K., Kalimullin M.N., Safin R.M., Arkhipov S.M. Foundation of the parametres of straw rollers and rake working parts

Valiev A.R., Yarullin F.F. Determination the optimal parameters of the conical working parts’ relative position on the tillage frame

Galiev I.G., Khusainov R.K. Definition of technological operations weight and spending recourse levels of the units and tractor systems

Zimagulov T.A., Shaykhutdinov R.I., Bulgariev G.G., Abdrakhmanov R.K. Ways of hilling and working tools for its realization

Zinnatullin N.Kh., Nafikov I.M., Galimullin R.G., Zinnatullina G.N. Caving formation on the wall of borehole

Lukmanov R.R., Ziganshin B.G., Gayaziev I.N. Some aspects of automation of machine milking of cows

Yakhin S.M., Valiev A.R. Variable stiffness vertical shaft’s carrying capacity calculation

Yakhin S.M. The carrying capacity calculation of agricultural machinery shaft console with elastic bearings


Vladimirov V.P., Egorov L.M., Appakov V.I. Green manure crops – effective for potato predecessor

Dulina A.S., Altufev Yu.V., Udalova O.V. Perspectives of artificial reproduction of paddlefish (Polyodon Spathula) in the conditions of the policulture fish farms of Astrakhan region

Zhubrin D.S., Uldanova R.A., Sabirov A.T. Coastal wood ecosystems of the Volga of the Republic of Tatarstan

Zakharov А.V., Alekseev I.А. Interrelation of accidental extinction occurrence with diameters of the basic rocks of the islands in Cheboksary reservoir

Kurnosova E.V. Microbiological activity of leached chernozem on the background of defecation residues and aftereffect and organic fertilizers

Makarov V.I., Glushkov V.V. Winter barley seeding dates and rates in the Volga-Vyatskiy region

Minnikhanov R.N. Reforestation dynamics and species composition of forest crops established at Tatarstan forest fund in the period till 1917 and from 1918 for 2011

Moiseev Yu.F., Samarkina M.A., Samarkin А.A., Shashkarov L.G. Economic evaluation of potato cultivation agricultural methods

Pakhomova V.M., Buntukova E.K., Daminova A.I., Andreeva T.V., Fomina N.M. Production and physiological processes of spring wheat for treatment growing plants by Zn, B-containing microfertilizers

Fatykhov I.Sh., Korepanova E.V., Zakharova Ya.N. Elemental composition of the Tomskiy 18 flax seed

Khisamova G.Sh. Influence of soil tillage on agrophysical properties, contamination and productivity of pea-barley mix

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