Vestnik of the Kazan State Agrarian University № 3 (29) 2013


Valeev A.R. Performance audit of the efficiency of the budget expenses on agriculture

Gazetdinov M.Kh., Khayrullina S. F. Theoretical bases and principles of the development of the systems of production in conditions of integration of agricultural enterprises

Galyautdinova G.Z. Improving the efficiency of agricultural enterprises by raising the level of financial risk management

Gorobets O.O. Classification of costs for management reporting formation in gas producing companies

Danilova O.A. Competitive strategy – a basis for identifying key success factors of meat industry

Kozmenkova S.V., Grushin I.A. Accounting operations of non-state pension provision

Mamaev R.R. Small farms cooperation - historical parallels

Semenova O.A. The essence of public property commercialization

Sitdikova L.F. Algorithm for estimating the biological assets at fair value

Khammadeeva L.K. Assessment of agricultural enterprises competitiveness 


Belova M.V., Ziganshin B.G. Increase of multimodular unit functioning efficiency for agroengineering technologies

Belova M.V., Ziganshin B.G., Uezdnuy N.T. A plant for blood heat treatment of farm animals

Bulgariev G.G., Yunusov R.G. Justification and determination the main parameters of spiral plate-type of work part

Zimagulov T.A., Bulgariev G.G., Zimagulov A.Kh. Hiller’s surface form design method

Kenijz N.V. Influence as a cryoprotectant on water absorption capacity of dough and barmy cages

Korneev D.V. Geometric dimensions of mixed fodder portion at transportation by a chain-disk conveyor

Kurbanov R.F., Sushintsev V.N., Morozov A.N. Protection of the working units of agricultural machinery during storage

Rodionova A.V., Novikova G.V. Electric pasteurizer of milk 


Amirov M.F. Fertilizers influence on grain yield and quality of spring durum wheat in the steppe Volga

Vladimirov S.V. Agroecological assessment of new varieties of potatoes in the middle Volga steppe

Vladimirov S.V. Efficiency of use of increasing doses of mineral and organic fertilizers on potato in the middle Volga steppe

Vorobyevа T.M., Shashkarov L.G. Formation of the photosynthetic indicators of spring wheat depending on the variety and pre-sowing treatment

Gadiev R. R., Galina Ch. R. Crossing – method of increasing the reproductive qualities geese

Mukhitov L.A., Samuilov F.D. Models of spring wheat variety, adapted to the forest-steppe zone of the Urals of Orenburg

Osipov G. E., Petrova N.V. Cherry’s varieties and hybrids resistance to coccus mycosis in Tatarstan

Prischepenko E.A., Zamalieva F.F. Flying features of winged aphids on potato seed plants during 2004-2006

Ryzhikh L.Yu. Effect of different tillage options on potato yield

Sabirov A.M., Khuziakhmetov A.D., Safina A.R. Study of peat deposits in the Saby and Tyulyachi public districts with the aim of possible usage in the forest seed selection center for the growing seedlings of forest trees according to the technology of BCC AB

Samarkin A.A., Samarkina M.A., Shashkarov L.G. Plants development, the leaf surface dynamics, the content of chlorophyll, net photosynthetic productivity, the coefficient of use of Far, depending on the planting tubers depth

Serzhanov I.M., Shaykhutdinov F.S., Safin A.R. Formation of the harvest and sowing qualities of spring wheat seeds, depending on different seed size and uniformity in the forest-of Kama of Volga steppe zone

Sochneva S.V., Minnullin G.S., Safiollin F.N. Change of physical and chemical properties of grey forest soil of Tatarstan agrocenosis under the influence of Alfalfa cultivated on different mineral nutrition backgrounds

Streltsov V.А., Ryabicheva А.Е., Pinchuk V.F., Streltsova Z.S. The quality of pork according to the back fat thickness

Shaykhutdinov F.S., Serzhanov I.M., Mayorov I.I. The basic technological components of growing and harvesting of grain of spring wheat in Kama zone of the Republic of Tatarstan

Shashkarov L.G., Vorobyev T.M. Economic and agroenergetic assessment of spring wheat during treatment with Nano-gro at the dark grey forest soils of Nizhniy Novgorod region

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