Vestnik of the Kazan State Agrarian University № 3 (33) 2014

Economic sciences

Alekseeva O.L., Kirilenko A.S. Current status of fur farming in the Irkutsk region and measures to improve its effectiveness

Asadullin E.Z., Iblyaminov F.F., Zakirova T.R. Status of car-care center market and design of its facilities

Asadullin E.Z., Iblyaminov F.F., Zakirova T.R. Development of services by consumer cooperative enterprises in countryside of the Tepublic of Tatarstan

Vashurov M.V. Rural tourism as a factor of new social and economic formation development in countryside

Vitsenets T.N. Prediction of migration processes in the study area

Dmitrieva O.Yu. Short credits and micro-loans for individuals: advantages, disadvantages, the main options

Ildarkhanova Ch.I. Agricultural activity of rural families of the Republic of Tatarstan: municipal dimension

Klychova G.S., Zakirova A.R., Gimadiev I.M. Features internal audit accounting of production inventory and production cost calculation

Klychova G.S., Zakirova A.R., Nikitina Ya.P. Budgeting in insurance companies: specificity of tasks, functions and budgetary process stages

Fayzrakhmanov D.I., Edilbaev N.B. Methods for determining the innovation effectiveness In agricultural production

Fakhretdinova E.N. Methodology of reporting information preparation on stocks of small and medium business in accordance with the russian and international standards

Khannanov M.M., Khayaleeva Ch.S., Mustashkina D.A. Marketing as a prerequisite for sustainable development of the agrarian market

Khafizov D.F., Khismatullin M.M. On the essence of management forms manifolds in agrarian sphere at institutional reformation 

Technical sciences

Asadullin N.M., Asadullin L.N. Unsteady transport of viscous incompressible semi-fluid mixtures in pipes

Valiev A.R., Yarullin F.F., Ibyatov R.I., Shiriyazdanov R.R. The results of experimental research of rotational conical working unit in the soil canal

Kurdyumov V.I., Zykin E.S. Resource saving in ridged cultivation of row crops

Nesterenko A.A., Akopyan K.V. Study the biological value of sausage using new technology

Rudoi D.V. Research of extrusion’s process of feed-stuff for fish

Shiriyazdanov R.R. Matching characteristics of agricultural power plants of mobile machines to the terms of their usage 

Agricultural sciences

Azimova G.V. Evaluation the prospects of related groups of black-and-white cattle in breeding farms of the republic of Udmurtiya

Gaynanov I.N., Safin R.I. Influence of presowing seeds treatment on productivity and phytosanitary condition of peas

Gareev I.R., Vladimirov V.P., Vladimirov K.V. Productivity of potato of sprint variety, depending on the nutrition background on gray forest steppe soil of Middle Volga

Gasanov A.R., Abakarova M.A. Formation of honey bees modern look and their reproduction in the republic of Dagestan

Glushko S.G., Prokhorenko N.B. Silvicultural properties of forest forming species

Zaytseva T.V., Safin R.I. Influence of preplant treatment of potato tubers by fungicide for diseases such as scab

Ibatullina E.Z., Isyanyulova R.R. , Gabdrakhimov K.M. Establishment of sustainable forest park landscape (by the example of Ufa)

Kuznetsov N.A., Yatmanova N.M. Assessment of the poplar plantation status in the Republic of Tatarstan

Mukhitov L.A., Samuilov F.D. The size of under-ear interstice and productivity of spring soft wheat varieties of different ecological groups in the forest-steppe of Orenburg region

Petrov S.V., Serzhanov I.M., Shaykhutdinov F.Sh., Timofeev V.F. Improvement the technology of diccocum (spelt) spring wheat cultivation in the Kama region of the Republic of Tatarstan

Pukhacheva L.Yu. Ways to improve the soil protective efficiency of forest stands

Rodin S.A., Turchina T.A. Scientific substantiation to update black alder plantation regeneration regulatory framework in russian steppe zone

Sabirov A.M., Rakhmatullin I.G., Sabirov A.А.Comparative evaluation of scotch pine seedlings survival, grown with open and closed root system, planted in ravine protective plantations

Soboleva O.M., Kondratenko E.P., Egorova I.V., Verbitskaya N.V. Variability of adaptive properties of spring wheat in Northern Kazakhstan due electromagnetic treatment

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