Vestnik of the Kazan State Agrarian University № 3 (41) 2016

Agricultural sciences

Akhmetzyanova R.R. Method of increasing the productivity of alfalfa seed

Valiev A.A., Ibyatov R.I., Shaykhutdinov F.Sh Modern methods and approaches of information processing of spring wheat productivity

Kuznetsov L.V., Shashkarov L.G.Weed infestation of winter triticale, depending on agricultural practices of cultivation

Marakaeva T.V. Analysis of correlation of vegetable haricot productivity with its structural elements

Nozhenko T.V., Marakaeva T.V. Analysis of crop rotation systems organization of agricultural companies of tyukalinsky district of omsk region onthe landscape and environmental basis

Sabirov A.T., Uldanova R.A. Measures for conservation of sustainable forest of the right bank of Volga

Sabirov A.T.Organization of forest soils monitoring

Singatullin I.K.State of aspen forests of the republic of Tatarstan after the drought of 2010

Timoshenkova T.A., Samuilov F.D.Impact of morphological characters on productivity of spring barley varieties in the steppe zones of Orenburg Ural region

Uldanova R.A., Sabirov A.T.Productivity of stands and evaluation of natural restoration in coastal forests

Shashkarov L.G., Dimitriev V.L., Chernov A.V., Gurev A.A.Prospects оf hashish-free monoecious hemp varieties usage for production of bio- and nano products

Technical sciences

Gayfullin I.Kh., Kashapov I.I., Ziganshin B.G., Rudakov A.I.Calculation of heat balance and justification the parameters of small-sized biogas plant with mesophilic fermentation substrate

Khamitov R.R., Abdrakhmanov R.K., Bulgariev G.G., Kalimullin M.N.Kinematics of movement of gear rotational working unit

Yunusov G.S., Akhmadeeva M.M., Valiev A.R., Gilyazov R.M., Mustafin A.A. Justification of energy and economic indications ofthe combined tool

Economic sciences

Battalova A.R.Food security in the regions of the Volga federal district

Karimov T.R.Upgrade of management of stimulation of innovativeactivities of the entities of agro-industrial complex

Klychova G.S., Nurieva R.I.Features of internal administrative accounting formaton on the state budgetary facilities in agrarian organizations

Krupinova E.S.Microenterprises as an object of accounting

Fayzrakhamanov D.I., Khazeev L.F. The risks, associated with innovation and investment in agroindustrial complex

Shagivaliev L. R.Modern trends of agrarian sector development of the republic of Tatarstan

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