Vestnik of the Kazan State Agrarian University № 4 (26) 2012


Arendarenko O.A. Food industry innovative development directions in the Sochi region

Akhmetov R.G., Fayzrakhmanov D.I. Anticipated opportunities and implications for the agrarian economy in connection with Russia’s entry into the WTO

Voyku I.P. Research the exprience of innovation processes development in crop production of Pskov region

Gatina F.F., Artamonycheva A.R., Gazizova R.R. Institutional environment as the main factor determining an innovative development of the region (on the example of the Republic of Tatarstan)

Eremeev L.M. Problems of social and economic Security management of the region

Klychova A.S. Methodological basics of agricultural lands integrated reporting formation

Klychova G.S., Zalyalieva R.I. Principles and directions of agricultural enterprises state supporting

Klychova G.S., Zakirova A.R., Klychova A.S. Accounting management in fur farming according IA.

Safina D.V. Issues and trends of formimg economic mechanism of monetary incentivesfor labor in agriculture

Sitdikova L.F. Biological assets classification and the recognition conditions for taking on discount.

Subaeva A.K. Equipment reproduction management in the agricultural organizations.

Faskhutdinova M.S. Necessity and summary of management accounting as a tool for effective management in agricultural companies 


Valiev A.R., Safin R.I., Semushkin N.I., Ziganshin B.G. Technical support of the Republic of Tatarstan’s agriculture: current state and development tendencies

Dementienko O.A., Kuznetsov M.G, Pankov A.O. Investigation of preparation process of liquid fuel emulsion in conical shredder

Ziganshin B.G., Gayaziev I.N., Kashapov I.I., Gaynutdinov R.R. The definition of constructive and technological parameters of double-rotor vacuum-pump

Semushkin N.I., Yakhin S.M. Ziganshin B.G., Belinskiy A.V. The study of seeds interaction with rotary reflector seeded drum of grain drills

Shavkov M.V. Comparative testing of performance of two-hourse and four-hourse combined colter of forest-planting machine, based on simulatin

Yunusov R.G., Bulgariev G.G., Pikmullin G.V. Motion equations of rotary (screw) working parts in the soil

Yunusov G.S., Kropotov Yu.A., Mayorov A.V. Study of combined aggregate operation for surface pre-plant soil treatment


Gazizullin A.Kh. Current state of forest biotechnology in the world and in Russia

Glushko S.G., Prokhorenko N.B. Subformation content of Russia’s subtaiga forests

Kim N.A., Rasskazova N.T. Amur corktree impact on skinny products of young mink

Kiryanov D.P., Mikhaylov L.N. Bioenergetic and economic efficiency of municipal sewage sludge in fodder beet cultivation and its qualitative composition

Moiseev Yu.F., Shashkarov L.G. Energetic evaluation of agricultural means of potato growing

Mukhitov L.A., Samuilov F.D. Energetic and economic evaluation of spring wheat variety of different ecological groups in the forest steppe of the Southern Urals

Semenov V.V., Zamyatin S.A., Bogachuk N.I. Efficiency of herbicides in spring wheat with different methods of tillage

Timoshenkova T.A., Samuilov F.D. Adaptability of world-wide collection of barley and wheat with different environmental groups in the steppes of the Southern Urals

Khabiev R.A. Fertilization rates influence on productivity of vetch-oat mix and rye on various ways of grey forest soil tillage in the Republic of Tatarstan

Shaykhutdinov F.S., Serzhanov I.M., Safin A.R. Precursors evaluation in increasing the spring wheat productivity in Kama area of the Republic of Tatarstan

Shiryaev G.V. Evaluation of different plant protection schemes efficiency at spring wheat

Yunusov R.A., Khayrullin A.I., Khayrullina L.F. Influence of soil treatment and fertilizers methods on productivity of the sugar beet in the conditions on the Republic of Tatarstan

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