Vestnik of the Kazan State Agrarian University № 4 (30) 2013


Vashurov M.V., Khismatullin M.M. Features of effective development of tourism potential of the country: marketing aspect

Yu.M. Giniatullin Development of operational costs controlling within automated control system

G.S. Klychova, A.R. Zakirova, A.S. Klychova Agricultural land management accounting and internal reporting on their use

M.S. Lata Problems of economic development of small business in agrarian sector of economy of the Volgograd region

Safiullin N.Z., Khadeeva R.V. Institutional approach to the evaluation of securities quality and qualitative selection

Subaeva A.K. Theoretical approaches to agriculturecompetitiveness notion

Faskhutdinova M.S. Management accounting and costs control in the livestock industry

A.A. Khalyapin Directions to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of agricultural enterprise structures ofKrasnodar region

Khusainov I.F. Organizational aspects of accounting for small and medium enterprises in transition to IFRS 


Belinskiy A.V., Ziganshin B.G., A.R. Valiev, Semushkin N.I., Yakhin S.M. Energy index of working units abrasion of agricultural machinery in contact with abrasives

R.I. Ibyatov Approximation of asymmetric flow velocity ininter-disk space of separator

N.K. Mazitov, B.G. Ziganshin, A.R. Valiev, R.L. Sakhapov, L.Z. Sharafiev, I.R. Rakhimov, Kh.Kh. Shaydullin, M.K. Shaykhov, S.M. Yakhin, F.F. Khisameev Energy-saving technologies and equipment for tillage and seeding in drought weather conditions

P.A. Savinykh, S. Yu. Bulatov, K. E. Mironov Determination of the optimal position of grain crusher boot screen of the impulse-reflective action

O.V. Uzhik Justification of parameter of adjusts, adaptively milking machine

I.Yu. Khasanov, R.R. Khaziakhmetov, A.R. Valiev, U.R. Ilyasov Determining the aerodynamic characteristics of the colorado potato beetle collection device 


O.V. Avvakumov, A.A. Lukmanov, I.D. Davlyatshin Spring wheat productivity forecasting in the forest steppe zone of Volga by least squares method

A.A. Akhmadieva, V.A. Kolesar, R.I. Safin Yield composition and phytosanitary state of winter triticale, depending on sowing management methods

V.P. Vladimirov Ways of improving the use of photosynthetically active radiation in potato cultivation in the middle Volga steppe

A.I. Kuznetsov, P.V. Laskin, M.I. Yakovleva Aftereffect crop rotation links with winter rye and lupin on yield of barley and potatoes

M.V. Lazko, A.S. Dulina, O.V. Udalova The egg production of laying hens of cross of “hisex brown” at use of feed additives premix vitamin-mineral and PVMC (an example of “Stepnaya” poultry farm of Narimanov region of Astrakhan region)

M.R. Muratov, M.Yu. Gilyazov Balance of nitrogen in the agriculture of baltasi municipal region of the republic of Tatarstan

L.A. Mukhitov, F.D. Samilov Dependence of wheat yield of different biological groups to assimilation apparatus of plant parameters in the forest steppe zone of Orenburg Urals

K. Partoev, K. Melikov, A. Naimov, I. Karimov, V.P. Vladimirov Formation of potato generative system in the mountain zone of Tajikistan

R.M. Sabirova, R.S. Shakirov Productivity of Кazanskaya 560 winter wheat variety, depending on fertilizers and soil nutrient

I.M. Serzhanov, F.Sh. Shaykhutdinov, I.I. Mayorov, S.V. Petrov, F.F. Galiev Dependence of spring wheat on hydrothermal conditions of growing season of Kama area of Middle Volga

A.G. Tabakov, L.G. Shashkarov, M.A. Samarkina Potato yield, depending on agrotechnical methods of cultivation

I.P. Talanov Broad beans are perspective leguminous forage crops

T.Kh. Faizov, Yu.K. Kudykina, E.V. Bannova, M.V. Zylkova, M.A. Guseva, A.B. Shevelev Scientific and technological basis development of food waste recycling technology, using extremophilic yarrowia lipolytica yeast

R.S. Khamitov, S.M. Khamitova Connection of phenotypic formSiberian cedar cones with the index of seed productivity

Ya.A. Chekmarev, L.G. Shashkarov Winter triticale yield, depending on agrotechnical methods of cultivation

R.S. Shakirov, I.G. Gilaev Agrophysical properties and water regime of gray forest soil at various fertilizer systems and tilling methods on the example of spring wheat

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