Vestnik of the Kazan State Agrarian University № 4 (34) 2014


Abdulmutalibov R.F. Direct foreign investment in the Russian fuel and energy complex: the challenge of 2014

Egorova A.O., Kuznetsov V.P. Concepts and mechanisms of competitive strategy realization of agriculture enterprises of Russia

Edilbaev N.B., Fayzrakhmanov Ì.D. Problems and implementation ways of innovative development of agriculture production in Kazakhstan

Zhichkin K.A., Guseynov F.M. Taxation of private farms in the Middle Volga region

Klychova G.S., Zakirova A.R., Iskhakov A.T., Zakirov Z.R. Development of primary income accounting of crop production

Klychova G.S., Nurieva R.I., Zakirov Z.R. Evaluation criteria of effective use of government subsidies in agricultural organizations

Kuznetsov V.P., Sudaeva Zh.A. Improving the quality of public service in the social protection institutions as a factor of social and economic development of region

Kundakchyan R.M., Gubaydullina T.N. Life quality of Russian population: analysis of its certain components in modern conditions

Medvedeva V.R., Shinkevich A.I. Development of innovative biotechnologies in agribusiness

Romanovskaya E.V., Kuznetsov A.V. Theoretical aspects marketing strategy development at agricultural enterprises

Sabirov A.A. Problems of risk insurance at natural disasters in agriculture and forestry

Sarycheva T.V. Typology of regional labor markets

Fayzrakhmanov D.I., Shagivaliev L.R., Nezhmetdinova F.T. Improving efficiency of agriculture staffing in the republic of Tatarstan, based on cluster approach

Fakhretdinova E.N., Klychova G.S., Zakirov Z.R. Methodological problems of intangible assets in business

Shinkevich A.I., Medvedeva V.R., Valeeva G.A. Lean production in agribusiness

Yunusov R.A. Humanization of information space in the aspect of ensuring the biological, food and nutrition security of the country

Yakupova N.M., Andreev A.V. Efficiency and potency index of energy usage 


D.V. Rudoy Mixed feed formula for valuable fish species with replace the expensive protein components by green protein concentrates

Khafizov K.A., Khafizov R.N. Choice of technology and hardware for sustainable development of agribusiness of Tatarstan at economic sanctions

Khafizov K.A., Khafizov R.N. The main directions of technical service development in agriculture of Tatarstan

Shirobokov V.V., Baytukov R. S., Baytukova E.V., Bastrigov A. G., Panchenko N. S. The necessity to modernize the lifting and forcing grain crushers 


Busorgina N.A., Dzyuin G.P., Dzyuin A.G., Fatykhov I.Sh. Chemical composition of arable layer of soddy mesopodzol and middling soil on prolonged use of fertilizers

Gaynutdinov M.T., Chekmarev P.A., Vladimirov V.P Efficiency of fertilizer application way at cultivation of middle-early maturing potato varieties on gray forest soils of forest-steppe zone of Middle Volga

Glushko S.G., Galiullin I.R. Forest site, plots and clusters as elements forest zoning

Davlyatshin I.D., Badikov A.M., Lukmanov A.A., Avvakumov O.V. Security of macronutrients supply and forecasting of spring wheat productivity in the Republic of Tatarstan

Eremin S.P., Samodelkin A.G. Biotechnological methods of increasing the efficienty of cattle breeding

Ivanova E.Yu., Lavrentev A.Yu. The dependence of egg production of laying hens on the composition of enzyme preparations

Kadyrova F.Z., Kadyrova L.R. Reproductive biology features of fagopyrum esculentum moench in the Republic of Tatarstan

Kolesnikova V. G., Kubasheva A. I. Reaction to oat varieties presowing seed treatment on the Middle Urals

Sabirov A.T., Galiullin I.R., Shakirov I.N., Uldanova R.A., Sabirov A.A., Sergeev D.A. Protective forest plantations of the eastern regions of Volga of the Republic of Tatarstan

Sabirov A.T., Galiullin I.R., Sabirov A.A., Uldanova R.A., Shakirov I.N., Sergeev D.A. Information technology in forest monitoring

Samodelkin A.G., Eremin S.P. Tissue preparation usage for improved reproductive function of heifers

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