Vestnik of the Kazan State Agrarian University № 2 (28) 2013


Aetdinova R.R. Problems of risk management theory and practice in Russia

Vashurov M.V., Khismatullin M.M., Asadullin N.M. Sports events role in the development of tourist destinations

Gayduk V.I., Kondrashov A.V. Problems of economic evaluation of innovation’s efficiency in agriculture

Gaysin R.S., Rotenko E.S. Demand and food consumption dynamics subject to the level and changes of public income

Govdya V.V., Degaltseva Zh.V. Modular construction of accounting and analysis cluster in agriculture

Klychova G.S., Zakirova A.R., Khametova M.V. Organization of production cost accounting in horse breeding.

Kostoeva F.Ya. Evaluation of credit ensuring efficiency of small agribusiness

Mamaev A.E., Mamaeva V.E. Modern competitive market form of integrated formations in the agrarian sector

Nuretdinova Yu.V., Nuretdinov I.G. The regulatory yields usage, as a part of improving the agricultural land efficiency

Prusakov A.Yu. Evolution of institutional environment of agricultural innovation

Safiullin N.Z., Ismagilova G.N., Ismagilov R.I. Innovative company of value added wood products

Fayzrakhmanov D.I. Current status and agricultural development problems in Russia’s WTO membership

Khayrullov D.S. Problems of sustainable social and economic development of the region in the conditions of Russia’s WTO entry 


Galiev I.G., Khusainov R.K. Justification the resource expence of tractor units with regard to differentiated approach to the operations appointment for the planning period

Kukharev O.N., Grishin G.E., Semov I.N., Starostin I.A. Physical and mechanical properties and hybrids sugar beet

Salakhov I.M., Matyashin A.V., Vafin N.F. Some results of field testing of the operating device of the machine for subsurface soil treatment

Semushkin N.I., Ziganshin B.G., Valiev A.R., Yakhin S.M., Vaskov I.A. The software usage In optimization of the sowing process according to their efficiency

Fomenko D.S. foundation of perfecting directions in IMPROVing inter-row cultivation technology

Shaykhov M.K., Shaykhov M.M., Shaydullin Kh.Kh., Shaydullin R.Kh., Erov Yu.V. Universal drill development foth stage of selection works and breeding farms

Yunusov G.S., Kislitsyna N.A. Results of the separation of food suspension by pulsation apparatus

Yakhin S.M., Ziganshin B.G., Shiriyazdanov R.R. Theoretical basis of reliability of springs 


Vladimirov S.V., Vladimirov V.P., Sitnikova N.V. Potato harvest formation depending on mineral nutrition level at gray forest soil of middle Volga steppe

Gorelik L.S., Derkho M.A. Role of the pituitary-thyroid system in productivity and metabolic profile body of hens

Kadyrova F.Z., Kadyrova L.R., Shigapova L.Kh., Khusnutdinova A.T. Morphological peculiarities, nectar and seed productivity of tetraploid buckwheats

Karimov Kh.Z. Ecological and economical methods of alfalfa seed productivity Increasing

Lugovoy S.I. Gene pool characteristics of meat pig breeds of Ukrainian origin according to the DNA loci microsatellites

Lyubimov A.I., Bychkova V.A., Manuilova Yu.G. Effect of mastitis on milk productivity of cows and fitness for processing

Moreva O.A., Postnov I.E., Postnov D.I., Loginov V.V., Tarbeev M.L., Klevakin A.A. Fish population of small rivers – the right-bank tributaries of Cheboksary reservoir of the Republic of Mari El

Satarova R.M. The quality of new spring wheat varieties in a southern forest of Bashkortostan

Safiollin F.N., Trofimov N.V. Seed productivity of meadow fescue subject to the sowing method and mineral nutrition background on grey forest soils of the Republic of Tatarstan

Filin V.V. Insect-pollinators’ impact on the buckwheat yield structure depending on sowing method

Khismatullin M.M. The Program “Agricultural land reclamation development in Russia fo years” and its realization prospects in Tatarstan

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